showcases for mannequin (Vitrinen für Schaufensterpuppen)

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showcases for mannequin (Vitrinen für Schaufensterpuppen)

Post by window dressee » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:50 am


I found some nice showcases ("Vitrinen"), large enough for a mannequin, and in the vendor's catalogue the show case is presented with a mannequin ("Schaufensterpuppe") inside!

This fits some of my fantasies, in which the heroine enters such showcase, mounts the base plate, strikes a pose, the door is closed (maybe locked ... !), and then she keeps the pose ...
(in opposite to classic displays with no or thin back wall, the show case limits from all sides equally, but also allows viewing from all sides)

the three pictures of the vendor's catalogue:

being a mannequin, just behind glass, same level with customers: ... sterpuppe/

raised above the ground (for entering, the mannequin-to-be has to step 40cm [10"] upwards): ... sterpuppe/

rectangular, such that 2 mannequins (or a girl and a real mannequin!) fit next to each other: ... sterpuppe/

sadly enough, such showcases are such expensive, they are rarely used
(in a few girlsgonehypnotized-videos, a much smaller version is used, but the model could not wear high heels inside :-( )

window dressee

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